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The NR Avocats Lawfirm provides his clients with advice and defend their interests in case of a tax audit in the following matters: 


Individual taxation:


  • Income tax (income tax returns, real estate income, capital gains, dividends, professional income, stock-options, free attribution of shares, etc.);


  • Wealth tax (wealth tax returns, "pactes Dutreil", etc.);


  • Registration fees (business transfers, transfer of shares, of business assets, gifts, inheritance, etc.);


  • Internation taxation (regularisation of foreign untaxed assets, trusts, determination of the tax residency, French non-resident taxation, impatriates and expatriates taxation, etc.).


Corporate taxation:


  • Reviews of corporate income tax returns and calculation of the corporate income tax charge ;


  • Tax treatment of intra-group flows;


  • Tax consolidation group regime ;


  • Corporate restructuring (mergers, acquisitions, contribution of assets, etc.) ;


  • International taxation (head office relocations, cross-border flows/withholding tax, international restructuring, etc.).

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