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Invoicing methods:

​​Four invoicing methods are used by the NR Avocats Lawfirm:


  • on an hourly basis at the rate of 250 € (excluding taxes);


  • according to a flat flee. This method is used in particular when the number of working hours can be estimated with a minimum level of accuracy at the beginning of the relationship with the client;


  • according to a success fee, which depends on the financial savings that the NR Avocats Lawfirm allowed the client to realize. However, our Code of conduct requires the French attorneys to combine this invoicing method with a fixed fee;


  • according to a monthly subscription at a degressive hourly rate depending on the number of working hours the subscription entitles the client to;


In any case, the invoicing methods are specified in a fee agreement concluded with the client at the earliest possible stage. 


When the NR Avocats Lawfirm choses to invoice the client on an hourly rate, an estimate of the expected fees is specified in the fee agreement with the mention of a ceiling price. If, due to unexpected developments, this ceiling price were to be exceeded by more than 15 %, the NR Avocats Lawfirm would immediately let the client know so as to decide what to do next.


First appointment:


If further work is required after the first appointment, advance payments will be due. The first appointment will not be taken into account  in the calculation of the estimated fees. It will then be free.


Otherwise, this appointment will be charged on an hourly basis at the rate of 150 € HT (excluding taxes).





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